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Our Brainstorming Tips!

How to Brainstorm!

It is crucial to get the best brainstorming tips that are indispensable to any brainstorming session you attend. Many people struggle on how to brainstorm in anything. Here are a few brainstorming tips that you will find useful;

Brainstorming does not entertain criticism; any idea presented in a brainstorming session could be the most ideal, however weird it might appear at first.

Welcoming unpopular and unusual ideas is key to any brainstorming session. Some of this ideas could prove indispensable in the future.

Quantity of ideas are needed in a brainstorming session; do not fear to give all you have in mind. Who knows, the idea you consider the most insignificant could be what you are missing in the puzzle!

Combination and improvement of ideas; when you are many in a brainstorming session, you both complement and supplement each other’s ideas, and this helps you to come up with a lot of useful ideas.

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Brainstorming Ideas For Your Essay Topic

In order to brainstorm, think critically to identify the insights of the author that are hidden. Your essay topic will rely heavily on these hidden insights. Identify the main concepts the author uses in the text since they will make you discover something that is unique about the topic of your essay.  After you have understood all the author’s arguments, you are at a position of proposing your own!

Come up with creative methods of writing your essay on the basis of your essay topic. Identify various types of biases such as religion, economics, social and political factors among others that could hinder you from understanding the text. Finally, think of things in you essay that could affect other people. This will help you come up with an unbiased essay that covers all areas. 

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