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How to Cite

Citation is very important in any research paper. It shows that the information contained is credible. This is because the author acknowledges the information presented by other authors. It also shows that the author has taken time to go over the topic comprehensively and collected materials that are credible, reliable and verifiable. If you don’t know how to cite, it is good to get a few tips, and you will no longer face citation hurdles!

If you don’t know how to cite, below are some few tips and various forms of citation.

Direct Quotation 

You use the text as it is in its original form (how the author put it), without altering anything. Your citation will be placed at the end of this direct quotation to avoid plagiarism.


You rewrite the original text using your words. However, ensure that you don’t deviate from the original meaning of the text. You must include your citation at the close of the quoted text to show that the quoted text is not your own idea. 

Mixed Quotations 

This is where you integrate the above (direct and paraphrased) quotations. They help validate the argument. They also need to be cited (at the end) to avoid plagiarism.

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Plagiarism is the presentation of ideas of another person as if they were your own. You must recognize the author of the original text you have consulted in your work. Failure to do this will produce plagiarized work that might lead to your failure!

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