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Essay Introduction

How to Structure an Essay Introduction

An essay introduction tells the reader to read or leave an essay. It is about the most important part of the essay. If you manage to construct a good essay introduction, the rest of the essay will flow; if the introduction is bad, you will suffer through the whole essay. To get essay introduction help, go to Eagle-Essays main page. Here, you will get good essay tips that will aid you in writing a good essay introduction.

Grab Reader's Attention in the Essay Introduction

The chief goal of the introductory paragraph is to pull the reader into the essay. The reader is unlikely to read an essay that starts in an awkward manner. This is because the reader will develop a negative attitude towards the whole essay. However, when you start off well, the reader is likely to go every step of the way and read your whole essay. Begin with a fascinating statement, a good quotation, a provocative question and such catchy stat points. In essence, let your introduction have information that pulls the reader into the essay.

Get to the Point in Your Introduction

You don’t want to appear disorganized in the essay introduction. Get to the point! The reader seeks to know the scope of the essay. Don’t be too wordy in the introduction as it may disorient the reader. State your intention and avoid overgeneralization since this will reduce your credibility. Be clear, precise and interesting in your introduction. The moment you appear indecisive, confused and unclear in the introduction, you lose the reader! So, get essay introduction tips to be safe!

Present Your Thesis Statement in the Introduction

Your introduction should state an arguable claim (the thesis), where you take your stand on the issue you are arguing out. This thesis should appear in the end, most effective when it appears in the last two or three sentences. Let it be specific and give your readers an estimate of the entire paper’s context. It needs to be clear; readers should see it for themselves as opposed to you pointing it out to them. Thus, such statements as “…I will discuss…”, “…I will argue…”, and “…this essay shall…” should not be included in your introduction. 

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