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Eagle-Essays Money Back Guarantee Policy

Eagle-Essays Incorporates a refunds policy that is referred to as the money back guarantee.

The policy is subdivided as follows:

Before approving the preview version of your case;

After approving the case.

You qualify for 100% refund in case of:

Mistake during payments (repeated order, paid twice, etc.);

Our failure to provide you an appropriate professional;

The sample paper is no longer required and the paper deadline has passed, because the essay paper wasn’t delivered to you on time or was not delivered at all. In such situations you are not entitled to use any of the previous texts that have been sent you for any purpose (this clause does not apply to revisions);

In case you decide to cancel your paper order before the writer is assigned to your case, you are eligible for a 100% refund.

You would not be eligible for a full refund:

In case you decide to cancel your paper order after the essay writer is assigned to your case;

If we decide to refund you, the amount of the refund will be decided by our Dispute Management Team.

In the unlikely event that we deliver the sample paper after the paper deadline, we calculate the price of the essay paper keeping our delivery time as the deadline and reimburse you with the difference between the original payment amount and the amount of our new deadline. For example, if the deadline was 8 hours and our delivery arrived after 12 hours, we will refund the difference between the costs of papers on these deadlines.

The time of approval for the sample paper is 7 days. These 7 days are counted automatically from the moment the latest version was uploaded to your personal order page. After this deadline has passed the paper is approved automatically.

At any point in time, if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the paper writing we delivered you may request a Free Revision, in accordance with our Revisions Policy, or get your assigned writer replaced. You can even indicate your paper order as Dispute status on your personal page, by writing “Please set this order on Dispute Status”

Several key points that you must understand before setting the paper order to dispute status:

You must have adequately strong reasons and examples to support your claims;

It takes time to address disputes: talk to the author, put the paper for evaluation, etc.;

All cases are revised individually; all decisions regarding refunds are made only after close assessment of the cases. Refund percentage is advised individually in every case;

In case of the failure to provide the required information for Dispute resolution within 7 days, the Dispute status will be cancelled and no refund will be provided thereafter.

You will be provided with a window of 7 days and the support of our Dispute Manager to help find a solution for a Dispute status situation. If you do not provide a satisfactory response in the stipulated time, your dispute request would be rejected.

For any additional inquiries regarding revisions, visit our “Revision Policy” page.

After approval:

All our clients are entitled to review their paper orders and request additional amendments if required. Once you click the “Approve” button, you can download the final version of your sample paper immediately, enabling you to edit and print your document. You must be aware of the fact that you will not be able to ask for refunds after you click this button, as it is a confirmation of your complete satisfaction with the quality of our essay writer’s work and the content of the essay paper.

Once you click the “Approve” button, you are allowed to ask for revisions within 7 days. To do so, you must contact our support team and give them a detailed account of your requirements.

Press the “Approve” button only when you have finished checking the writing quality and content, and you are satisfied with it. In case the preview version is not visible to you, report it to our support team right away and ask for a new paper preview.

We are not responsible for the grade, nor will you be entitled to a refund in the event of your poor assessment.

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